I'm so hollow inside I cant even feel the pain anymore -

You may think it's a blessing, but you try filling this emptiness,

This hole inside

Inside my soul -

Do I have my soul?

Or did I sell it to some demon a while back?

Whatever I got back in return was a fucking rip-off -

Nothing can fill this hole!

Make me whole again, please,

I don't care how much it hurts,

I just want to feel

Feel what it is like to Live again…

I want it all back,

I don't mean to be greedy -

That's just the way I am -

I'm me

And I can't change that -

But the wind and the rain

Has weathered me, weakened me

Till I am nothing more than a shadow

Of my former self.

Can anyone hear me?

Can anyone see me here,

Writhing on the floor?

Are your ears deaf to my screams -

Or is it all in my head?

Yes, its all in my head -

In the real world it is okay,

This is just a dream,

Just a nightmare -

I'll wake up soon

When the sun rises…

I'll wake up soon

I'll wake up soon…

Oh Lord, why can't I