Hello everyone! This is a true story. Be warned, this does include mentions
of suicide. Please don't flame me. Thanx! Also, this is dedicated to my
best friend and big sister, Alyssa! Lyss, thanks for being there for me.
You can only imagine what you have done for me! See you Monday!

Walking Through Life

I can only see who I am

And no one else.

Standing here, all alone.
Why do I live?
To be teased?
To be harassed?
I just can't take it.
It's all coming too fast.
Why not end it all
And have peace at last?
But you stop me,
Calling my name
"My daughter, baby,
Do not be afraid"

So you take me
And hold me in your arms.
Never let me go.
Always holding.
I am crying.
I tried to not
Let it show.

"Daddy, let me die."
I beg with tears.
Your arms tighten
"No baby. I can't"
You take the pills away.

"I'll find another way."
Tears on my face.
"It's not your time,
Not here, not this way."
"Why? You wouldn't know"
Your eyes burn into mine.
"I do know, Amy
I died for you."
I look away,
Unable to stay with your gaze
Your hand brushes my hair.
"Daughter, I'm always here.
Don't despair."

I look up again.
There are tears in your eyes.
" I love you, Amy.
And so do many others."
I snort, knowing
That you are lying.

" I don't lie, Amy.
People love you.
Your friends, your family."
I start to get angry.
"And that totals what?!
About 15 people?!"
Tears run down
My face.

You wipe it away.
"People in school, the neighborhood,
Alyssa, Kari, Joyce."
I struggle to move
Out of your embrace.
"Leave my friends
Out of this!"
"They need to know, baby.
You need help."
Your words sink in.
Tears start falling.

"Talk to me, baby.
I'm always here."
I finally realize something.
"You were there
When I cut me leg
Weren't you?"

You nod.
"Yes, I stopped
You then too."
I bury my head
Into your shoulder.
"Daddy, I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you."

You kiss my hair softly.
"I forgive you, sweetheart.
I love you so much.
Please don't forget that."
"I promise, Daddy."

You finally let me go
And set my feet
Towards life.
"I'm right here,
Just go forward."
I step forward.
I feel you there.
Your hand on my shoulder.
I smile.
"No problem in front of you,
"Is stronger than the power behind you."
Now you smile.
I keep walking.
Walking through life.

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