After taking our midterm exam in Latin, my friend and I decided to play a
couple of 'games' with poetry. The first was: You choose a topic, and then
write a poem about that topic. You have three minutes to write. We did two
like that, and then I employed my own poetry exercise.. make two columns
and number to five.. Then randomly choose ten words and write them down.
You then have to write a poem using those ten words. No word can be used
before it appears on the list, no word can be used after it appears on the
list and each word must be used in order. These poems are the resulting
insanity. My poems, that is. :-D

The first topic was Die(as in dice) :

Dots of black
Drown in seas of white
Tossed around
Without a fight
Used for fun, used in games
Deciding factor in whose victory reigns
A number of uses
Each more important than the last
Such is our lives; the die is cast.

Second topic : School

Means something different for everyone.
Some here to learn, some here for fun
Some unknowing of why they come.
Life is a school, constantly learning
The pages of the Book, constantly turning
Some would say you've finished
When you're finally through
Others know you're only done
When the fires stop burning
Only then, do we stop learning.
1. bird 6. Bible
2. eraser 7. Shoe
3. banner 8. String
4. life 9. Nail
5. watch. 10. Brick

The wings of the "bird"
Propel it through the "sky"
An eraser taking words
From the banner that is my life.
Some are here just to
Keep watch
Like the shepherds in the Bible
Tending their flocks
Putting on the 'shoes'
Tying the 'string'
The nail that drew blood from m' Lord
Pierces through the solid brick of my heart.