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Ignis Fatuus



            It was everywhere.

            It surrounded him, encompassing his body in a blanket of suffocation. He couldn't escape it. Sen struggled against his will, thrashing his arms about uselessly as a plethora of water seeped into his body. He opened his mouth to scream but the pressure was too heavy, and he was soon pushed further away from the surface.

            His cloudy gray eyes peered up at the sky, which was still visible, even from the depths he lay suspended at. Sen could see the full moon illuminating the heavens. The light got larger and he was forced to close his eyes against the sting of the salt water.

            His hair floated like seaweed on the ocean's bottom - a place where he'd soon be. Spasms shook his body as his air supply emaciated.

He could feel his life being squeezed from his throat. Immense gashes decorated his limbs as a result of a previous struggle for his subsistence.

            The moon soon became an empty black orb, extending over the frosty fringes of his fading vision. Before long, everything was shrouded in oblivion. Sen could feel nothing…


Endnote:  You may not have seen the whole point of all that, but it'll be clear soon!

It was a little short; the next chapter will be longer!

And if you're confused, don't worry about it. 

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