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Chapter 3


If Uwari were to sum up the happenings of that evening in one word, it would be awkward. Genjo remained on the alert, thrusting knives into dark corners and prowling around outside every time an unknown shadow flit by a window. Their visitors knew how unnecessary their presence was and could only compensate for it with extra money.

Very few of the men and women who'd sailed in on the ship actually stayed in Uwari's shed. Genjo had agreed to accommodate the wounded boy. He now lay, draped over the living room couch.

Ryo refused to leave the yacht, and Genjo was forced to deliver him his dinner. He solemnly critiqued her meal and returned his food virtually untouched. Genjo responded to his words of advice by shoving the remainder of his meal down his pants. Poor Ryo didn't even get a chance to react. Uwari and the rest of the crew were very amused with this incident. Ryo was not.

It was nearly 11:00 and Genjo was already seated in the kitchen, sipping on a cup of tea and chatting with two of her guests. Uwari kneeled beside the comatose boy in the living room, eagerly anticipating his awakening.

"So, what's wrong with him?" Genjo muttered from inside the kitchen, making vague gestures towards the living room. She seemed much more relaxed now.

Nudaru, the burly man who'd bargained with Genjo earlier slouched forwards in his seat, "His name's Sen. That's what Ryo says anyway. He's been tending to him for days, we found him outside in the water. I'm not sure what's wrong with him. Ryo seems to think he's lost his memory, he doesn't know where he is."

Genjo stiffened up, "Why isn't Ryo helping him now?"

"He doesn't know anything about first aid. We're lucky Sen hasn't died on us yet." Nudaru chuckled, "He won't leave the boat anyways. He's never left it. He refuses to set foot on solid ground."

Genjo took another sip of her tea, and grinned slyly. "Wonder why."

A smile cracked over the second visitor's lips, "Who cares? Ryo acts like he owns the damn ship anyway."

Genjo turned to face the gaunt young woman; it was the first time she'd spoken since the three had gathered around the kitchen table, "Figures. What brings you out here?"

"Traveling." The woman spoke up, "We do carry cargo, you know. Recently we've decided to sail into port. Something odd is happening out on the water."

Genjo nodded and continued to drink her tea in silence.

Uwari listened to the three in the kitchen. Nudaru would occasionally murmur something indiscreet, and receive a short, listless reply.

Sen stirred and opened one of his dull gray eyes. He moaned incoherently.

"Shh!" Uwari fastened a hand over Sen's shoulder. Sen obeyed, he was much too groggy to scream.

"Where am I?" His whisper was barely audible. His memories of the ship, and Ryo began to flood back.

"I'm Uwari. You're in mine and Genjo's house." He grinned, "A ship sailed in here with you. I think you might be staying here with us."

Sen sat up and brushed Uwari's hand away, "Who is Genjo?" he asked slowly. He had no idea why he felt so light-headed; it must have been something they put on his cuts. He noticed that his limbs had been re-bandaged in a new sheet of gauze. A strange odor, reminiscent of rotting eggs caught his nose.

Uwari watched his face contort in disgust, "I know it smells bad, but that stuff makes your cuts feel better. It might make you feel weird too."

"What is it?" Sen placed a hand to his head, "And who is Genjo?"

Uwari shrugged, "I didn't put the smelly cream on. I don't know what it is. But Genjo is really nice!" he beamed, "She's in the other room. The kitchen. Don't worry; you'll like her. I've known her since we were both little."

Sen began to speak but was abruptly cut off by the sound of shattering glass. Genjo bolted into the living room, tea splattered down the front of her blue tube top. Nudaru and the scrawny woman followed her, busily scanning the room for broken windows.

"Uwari!" Genjo's eyes flashed. "Get into the closet! And take Sen with you!" she gestured towards a small door at the opposite end of the room. Uwari stood his ground, trembling uncontrollably.

"Uwari." Genjo frowned. Uwari could have sworn he detected a hint of concern in her voice.

"What's going on? Ay!" Sen shouted. No one appeared to be paying attention to him, "No one's answered my questions!" he grunted in frustration, first Ryo, and now this? At least he remembered what had happened aboard the ship. Everything else he'd have to figure out on his own.

"Sorry, we'll talk to you later." Uwari helped Sen to his feet. All attempts to stand were decimated by the tempting pull of gravity. Sen soon found himself falling towards the ground at enormous speeds.

Uwari caught him and helped him limp towards the closet, by the time they'd gotten inside a second glass item had shattered. The next thing either of them knew, the uncanny silence had been filled with the sounds of clashing weapons.

A high-pitched squealing noise leapt above the riotous commotion. It took Uwari a second to figure out where the shriek had come from, and a trice more to realize it was Genjo. He gasped and tightened his grip around Sen's arm. What was going on out there?


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