Has somebody ever told you; "that if you wished on a star, it could come true"? Has somebody ever told you to be; "careful what you wish for"?

Hello, I'm Izumi Matsuki. I'm fourteen years old and I wished, for ADVENTURE. Unluckily for me, I got it. I was only seven when I started to wish, but it still came. Seven years I wished for that, every year until I was fourteen.

*flash back*

Star light, star bright.....

First star I see to night.

Wish I may, wish I might.....

Have this wish, I wish tonight.


I won't tell you what happen right now, I'll have to start from the beginning...............

As I have said, I'm Izumi Matsuki and I'm fourteen. My family-- mama, papa, my little brother Kinji and grand-mama moved to Toronto when I was five, my brother was only two. It's hard starting school in a new country and making new friends and finding work-- but we did it. I was alone, most of the time.... Until another immigrant came to our school. He was born in Tokyo too and his name, was Ryo.

Ryo's full name was Ryo Taylor-- he had been adopted by a Canadian family. He had black hair and sparkling green eyes-- very exciting compared to my plain dull brown ones.

Ryo and I were best friends, all the way from third grade to junior high. He's the reason I started making my wishes. Every night one my and his birthday, we would find the first star of the night and wish for adventure. If it was cloudy, we'd just have to look harder. I remember once looking for a star through a snow storm -- because Ryo's birthday is in January. But we always found our star. Every single time. Ryo said if we believed, our wish would come true.

He was right.

Now that I've told you a bit about myself and my past I'm ready to tell you my story, every single detail is in the following chapters (episodes) you read. I'm happy to share them, and you can share them with others, and they can share them with other others. If you get where I'm going.

Here it goes, before only me, Ryo and a select others knew this story. I'm a little nervous, here it is..................................