Title: I Want
Author: Heather P.

I want to sing all of those high and low notes,
But I can't afford a voice teacher.
I want to dance and jive,
But I can't afford the classes,
(I have college to do.)
I want to play the piano, and the harp too,
They tell me that I have the fingers for it.
(What a waste of flesh that I can't.)
I want to speak seven languages,
But I can't even speak English right sometimes.
I want to be pretty,
But I'm 'fat' and 'ugly'.
(Do I still write good poetry now?)
I want to be loved,
I need to be loved.
I need to love.
I want to be useful,
I need to be useful to someone.
I want to be nice to everyone,
But they aren't nice to me.
(What is a girl to do?)
I want to needed,
I need to be needed,
So badly.
I want to be missed,
When I'm gone.

Will you miss me?
But wait . . . You don't even know me, do you?

(No, I didn't.)

Well, now you do. This is what I want from my life,
This is what I need.

(Nice to meet you, Heather.)

Nice to meet you too.

So. . .What do you want from life?

What do you need?