A/N: This is a poem I did about this boy in my group when we were doing a project…no, I did NOT have a crush on him….yes so read and review and I guess have fun?

In The End

At first…

I loved to hear the sound of your voice

The way you made those comments

And those funny jokes

That had a sense of humor and bizarre

Mixed together in one

How you would

Use your cunning and skills

To help our team


But now…

The sound of your voice

Makes me think of hate

I used to admire your cleverness

Now, no more

I hate the way

Words form on your tongue

The terms spoken now seem harsh

And how you say them so calmly

Makes me want to wretch

You don't care, do you?

As long as things turn out

Fine, in the end.

But I don't find it that simple

That you could manipulate

Us so easily

To make things fit your way

Whether it turns out nicely

Or horribly in the end

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