A/N: Just what I think about the world. Of course.. what I think and a a buck will buy you a soda...


I just can't belive
The world today.
Everyone is acting
Like there is Hell to pay.
Why are all the people
Far too proud to cry?
Why are all the those people
So willing to die?
Can't they all just grow up?
Act way more mature?
May then it would all stop;
No more massicures.
The world is such a scary place
To live in today.
How it managed to get so bad?
I really can't say.
Can't everyone get along?
Can't we all be friends?
Why won't they just give it up
And finally make ammends?
Whats with everyone dieing?
Whats with all this war?
What with all our leaders needing to
Settle some score?
Whats this new sickness?
All the little kids can't sleep.
It's the hate from all the people,
And the only cure is peace.
My voice is so small;
It can't be heard alone.
But if we all stand together,
Our message will be strong.
Please quit fighting everyone.
Just please stop it now.
Just forget your differances.
Just shake hands right now.
We all live on this one Earth.
We all share the same sky.
We may look different outside,
But we're all the same inside.