Black Cats magic

Chap.1 (the surprise)

"I congratulate you new mothers on your four newborns. I know that you are wondering why I came, and your asking your selfs why a goddess like me would come to see four newborn elves. I will tell you. As you know, the Dragon war is believed to come upon us in fourteen years. This war has come and gone in the past before, as there is one every ten-thousand years, and no real damage has been caused. But we, the Gods and Goddess of this world, have for-seen that this war will be terrible. We have seen that this war might or will destroy this world. I have come to warn you of this. But this is not the only reason. I wish not to distress you. Your four new children posse powers beyond mages of this world. They share them all. We know not of the powers, only that you will not see them inside your children. They will learn how to wield them when the time comes. I have come not to tell you just of your children's powers, but of what we have seen of them. Your children will, hopefully, stop the war. We can not tell how, for we do not know. I have told you of what has been for- seen of your children. I leave you now."

"But what of our children?! Will they battle?! Will they lose their lives?!"

"I can not tell these things to you. Have faith."

" Wait! Wait!"

Electric blue eyes snapped opened. The eyes were framed by long lashes on a face of a girl about 13. Golden brown hair was tied back behind pointed elf ears, yes she was an elf. A determined chin sat under a small nose, her skin was an ivory colour. She sat up straight in her bed, panting. What had that been? She took a deep breath and tried to think this over. The person that had spoke the most she did not recognize. But the other speaker she had; her mother. The person that had spoken first had talked about something, but she couldn't remember, she was quickly forgetting the dream. But they must have been talking about her self and her friends Pyro, Rebecca and Ash and there mothers. Pyro was a dark skinned elf that was obsessed with fire, Ash was a light skinned elf that really liked to have her way and Rebecca had peach skin and was four times smarter then all of them put together. They must have been the newborns! Something tapped on her window. She crept over to the window, only to see a figure with its head thru the window, trying to fit its shoulders. It didn't seem to see her. She reached over to her bed side table and grabbed her knife. Quick as lightning she grabbed its shoulders, thrust it on its back, sat on its stomach, and held her blade to its throat. A muffled sound came from it, and she noticed she had her hand over its mouth. "Oops." She removed her hand. "Jade!!" yelled the girl she sat on. Jade (that was her name), in total surprise jumped off her best friend. "Ash, what's all the screaming about" called a voice from under her window. Ash made a rude gesture at her and called out the window, "nothing, Jade here thought that I was and attacker and half way suffurecatted me". She shot a glare at Jade, who was still a little dazed about what happened, and pulled a figure up from under the window. Pyro pulled, with the help of Ash, her self through the window; she had dark hair and a slim face, pointed ears and a stubborn chin. She was wearing a white under shirt with a black vest over it and dark brown breeches. The only thing that stood out was her acid green eyes, framed with long lashes. "Are you sure you didn't attack her??" she teased, looking at the confused expression on the Jade's face. Catching herself before she lost her temper, Jade sat up straight and asked "Ok, what's going on here?"

"Well", answered another elf, pulling herself up thru the window, " yesterday you said that we should go out and escape all this, pack our bags and go find adventures, so well, here we are".

This elf had, startling enough, yellowish green eyes that glowed. Really all of there eyes glowed in an eerie way; they needed the light from them, that's how they could see in the dark. This elf had peach coloured skin, her face was round and her chin was too. Her nose was small and she had brown hair, and, as always, pointed ears. She was wearing what looked to be a black rag, but really it was something draped over her real cloths so she wouldn't stand out in the dark. The usual way Rebecca dressed. She pointed her finger at Ash, "This was her idea". Ash sent her a glare and helped Jade up. Jade, who now knew what was going on, looked at Ash with a stern look on her face. Before she could say anything Ash put up her hand, "Don't you scold us, we got the idea from you"

"Yea but-" Jade was cut off by the light skinned elf, her piercing dark blue eyes, gleaming stubbornly, looked her straight in the eyes. Ash looked that way a lot when she was trying to make her point. She tucked short yellow hair behind one pointed ear, and dusted some dirt from the ground off her blue vest and breeches. Well, no arguing with that, Jade thought to herself, and got off the ground, picked up her knife and laid it back on the dresser fondly. After that she turned to them with a look on her face that meant; "Tell me why you woke me up or Ill get you in your sleep" and asked, "So, you guys came over here to tell me to pack my bags, were leaving??" Pyro murmured something that sounded like; well, yes. Ash gave her a look and turned back to Jade, sighed and said "Well I guess she's right so, what are you waiting for, pack your bags, were leaving!" Jade looked around for help, they couldn't do this could they? She looked to Rebecca and asked "You're the smart one, you don't usually agree on stuff like this!" She shook her head, "I like this idea, it sounds fun!" Jade looked around, shocked, "Were really going to do this, aren't we?" Ash smiled, "Now you get it!" she said. Jade sighed, she was beat "ok, I need to pack my bags". They smiled; they knew that she'd give in sometime. Pyro held up a bag, "check!" she said.


"Got it"




They looked around, "ahhh, maybe we forget something" Ash said. They all looked at Ash. "You packed" Rebecca murmured. Jade stared at them dumb struck, that meant they'd have to steal weapons.