Chap.9 (they meet the light)

It was morning, birds were chirping and chipmunks were running everywhere. Jade kept her eyes closed "Stupid bloody birds" she thought, she wasn't usually in a bad mood in the morning but from what happened last night, she had a damn well right to be. Pyro crept up behind Jade, bowl of water in her hands. Ahead of her Jade was lying down with her hand behind her head, her eyes were closed, she looked comfortable. Not for long, Pyro thought devilishly. She out stretched her arms and was about to dump the water on her when Jade murmured something quietly, Pyro just barely heard. Pyro thought for a second and then, with a very annoyed look on her face, sat down beside Jade (who still had her eyes closed) and grumbled "would you like some water?"

It was noon, they had packed up the supplies and were now on foot, walking thru the forest. They'd been walking for what seemed like days, but really it was only six or seven hours. They were moving at a good pace and were getting to...ah.ummm.where were they going? "Um.. where are going?" Jade asked, confused. "Away from the camp" Ash answered shortly. Jade looked behind her at Ash and gave her the "you and me are going to talk about this" look. But Ash didn't notice, she was way to busy trying to figure out what that really bright light was that was coming at them. Jade ran into Rebecca who was leading and turned around, going to curse at her when she saw why she had stopped. A light almost as bright as the sun was coming at them, fast. "Duck!" Jade screamed. "Where? I love duck, it tastes so good!" Pyro joked (lamely); she couldn't see what was ahead of them, coming at them fast. Ash went down pulling the now screaming Pyro (she had finally seen it). The light flew over there heads and came to a halt behind them. They all turned around, and all there eyes widened, and what stepped out of that light amazed them.