In a world where we are all sheep

Hiding our quirks and the things we believe

Everything's lost; there's nowhere to turn

Shunned for our looks - You'll never learn

It's lonely and rough, but you'll never care

As long as you're the one giving the glares

I'm weird and I'm different - That's all I hear

I'm dangerous and something to fear

I hear all your gossip and want to be free

Just what is so wrong about me being me?

I'm clawing and scratching to be let out

But no one can hear me; ignoring my shouts

They look at the ground and not at my face

Because their dark angel is the one I embrace

I'm morbid and angsty - Who would've thought?

I'll dance on your corpses and laugh as they rot

You pretend you're accepting - Wow, what a joke

Take one look at me and tell me I smoke?

Of course, because you know everything about me

So while slitting my wrists it's your face that I'll see

Your taunting voice full of hard scorn, haunting me in the night

I've got to get it away, as far as I can; put up a hell of a fight

My insomnia is quenched by your fears

But growing so slowly, fed by your jeers

Insolent and unknowing, I see your bleak face

I smile and wither, but still keep my grace

Uncaring, you snort and you scoff;

And, rolling my eyes, I smirk at your cough


A/N: Um. Yes. o.O Another magical thing I did in math. XD. I really should stop drawing and writing in that class and actually do the work but it's so boring! O=o; Anyway, I'm not sure if this is done or not.. but I really like it. It pretty much expresses my feelings towards.. the world. O_o