Can We Rest Now?
By Jaclyn // [email protected]
September 2003

A/N: Title from BtVS, ep 7x02/Beneath You. Spike to Buffy. Completely unrelated to the poem, by the way; I named it nearly a month later when I found it on my hard drive and the quote popped into my head. It's always been one of my favorite lines from the show - the way it was delivered, so emotionally, like everything in Spike was breaking and if he could just close his eyes for one moment-- "Can we rest now? Can we rest?"


and the question has never been
whether or not it hurts you;
but whether or not you notice.

[i'm tired of questions]

i'm just tired.


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I've never been entirely happy with that last line, but I liked the first three when I found it and wanted to finish it. Do you think I should have just left it as that one short verse? Any and all comments are much appreciated :)