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As always, for Desiree and Cherie.

The Gyspy Girl

Through the dark stone streets
Comes the sound of music;
Can't you hear, my friend?
Come, come and dance.

Darkness is invaded
By the flames of a fire;
Beckoning, beckoning,
Come, come and dance.

Round the fire
Dances the gypsy girl;
Twirling, singing,
Come, come and dance.

Hear the bells
Of her tambourine ringing
As she twirls, crying,
Come, come and dance.

See the silken folds
Of her long red dress,
Rustling, whispering,
Come, come and dance.

Watch the step
Of light footed feet
As they tap;
Come, come and dance.

Dance and forget,
Every trouble,
Every worry washed away,
Come, come and dance.

So fare you well,
Unhappy world,
This night of happiness
Shall never end.

The gypsy girl
Carries on dancing,
Raven hair shining,
Dark eyes flashing.

Bid the world farewell,
Throw your troubles
To the mist
That vanishes with daylight.

Dance tonight,
Dance and every stop,
Dance every worry away,
Keep on dancing...

The music and fire
Are calling in unison,
And you can do nothing
But submit...

Your own feet
Dance and tap
As you call
In a new carefree voice:

"Come, come and dance."