Now That Your Gone

He was gone. We looked for him for hours at a time. I still search for him but I know now that he's gone. It's been months and people have given up. They say that even if he were still alive, if some how he survived there'd be nothing of him now. He'd never remember us. He'd be nothing but a wandering soul looking for something. Anything but us. I never gave up hope. I'm still holding on to him deep down. People call me crazy but I know, I believe that one day he will come back. He did survive and one day he'll find his way home and I'd be the first one he sees standing at the corner waiting for him. It must've been, what? Five years ago since Stephen disappeared from our lives. We all woke up one morning and he wasn't there. No one knew what had happened to him. The only source of evidence was a note. Everyone of us read it. We all knew where he had gone but we had checked there too. He wasnt there.

'He could be side tracked.' I had said. 'He'll be here. I know it! He'll be here.' But he never came. We waited patiently but soon people started to wonder away. Started to leave but I refused to. I knew he would come. But soon I left as well telling the motel owner that if he saw Stephen to tell him to come home. That I would be waiting for him. So I went home and waited, but he never came back. I cried away most of my nights waiting up for him. Waiting for his mother to call with the news that he returned but that call never came. He never returned. Years I've waited for some evidence of his survival. We even had a funeral to indicate that he was gone. I went but I was skeptical. I knew he was alive somewhere. I know.

I visited his grave just as often as I cried for him. Nothing in my life changed since his disappearance. Well nothing except the lonliness. That empty feeling that came two years after he left. I even doubted for a minute that he would come back but I pulled myself together. He's coming back I know he is. When people ask me how I can be so sure that Steve is coming back I tell each and everyone of them the same story and they all think I'm crazy.

I was walking to the graveyard for my regular visit to Steve's grave even though there was news of rain but I didn't care. I had placed the regular flower down in front of the tomb stone but this time I couldn't take it. I broke down to tears. I kneeled down on the dewy grass with my head in my hands sobbing like a child. But I kept going. I was only human. Was I not aloud to show my emotions? I didn't care what the other people visiting other graves thought of my behavior. I was at a graveyard for pete's sake! People cry at graveyards! So I continued to cry. When I finally felt as though I was all out of tears I stood up and walked away. As I walked silent tears started to fall down my cheeks. By now the wind started blowing really hard and it had started to drizzle but I turned to look at his grave one last time. That's when I had to rub my eyes. I thought the tears in my eyes were messing up my vision. It had to be a hilucenation. There was Steve standing in the rain in a trench coat staring down at his own grave. I started running towards him and tears of happiness messed up my vision.

'Steve!" I yelled. I wanted him to know that I was here. That I've been waiting for him. I even saw him look at me before my eyes were blinded by tears. I rubbed my eyes so I could see where I was going and he was gone. Just like that. I ran all the way back to his grave in the now pouring rain and stood there looking at the place where he stood. I looked all around for him. He couldn't have gotten far. Before I walked away I looked back down at his grave and saw that, in place with my flower, was another flower. But I knew that no one else had been here except me. Well and Steve, if it really was him anyway. I didn't even bother thinking this over. It was now pouring so hard I was soaked from head to toe. So I went home.

That was the last time I saw him, hilucenation or not I never saw him or heard from him again. If by any chance he reads this I would hope that he gets my message and comes home. I'll be waiting for him. As soon as he reached the corner the first person he'll see will be me and I will wait for him until the end of time.


A/N: This story isn't real. I just had to write something for extra credit in english class and this came last night. Even though I was going to write something about these super heros 10 of the kind I couldn't think of anything that could be 5 pages short and this is definetly shorter then 5 pages. But be on the look out for 10 of the kind...their coming back! lol!