"I am the village seer. Because of this, I keep watch over the people here and their children. Many powers are granted to me, but there is one that I truly like. That is the power to see the aura of those I encounter. This way I can tell if one truly wishes well on someone when they come to me for spells. I tell those with red auras to leave and come back later. By then their mood changes and they realize what they ask.

"I am quiet old but I can tell you this, I have never seen an aura like that of the young girl Kalene. It is very unique. Let me first tell you this, she is an orphan. Now I don't want you to take pity of her or anything like that, it's just a simple fact. She never knew her parents, in fact, we found her. Our people took her in when she was very young. I could see it from the start. She was different. I wish the others would have known that or they might have treated her differently. If only.

"This girl had a truly bad conflict within her. I could tell because of her aura. You see, auras reflect the very essence of a person. Should one be angry, then your aura would be some shade of red. Sad or melancholy would be blue, happy or in total bliss would leave you aura in a blend of the brightest colors ever known. There are many more that I could describe but some have colors the world has never known.

"Her aura, Kalene's that is to say, was quite different. There was no color to her life. It was only black or white. Well, that's not exactly true either. It was more of a mix of black and white. Don't get confused now because it wasn't gray. It was just some parts were black some white and one could be either more or less than the other. I thought that it was because of her troubled past.

"This troubled me deeply, because on the outside she looked like a normal person. It was only that aura. Maybe in time color would come to her life. So I only did what came naturally to me, I watched.

"At first it seemed the darker shade ruled her life. She rarely spoke or interacted with other children. She was about eight, I think and playing with children didn't concern her at all. It wasn't until a year later that I finally saw a change. It wasn't a big change but it was a welcome one. When I had thought the darkness would rule her life, she met a friend. The light began to grow.

"It was the cold season for us and by the way she acted it seemed she had never been in such weather. We showed her what to wear and how to keep warm like we do all of the children. The darkness around her matched the emptiness we all felt this time of year. Only I knew that though. None of the other kids spirits were low even though their fingers almost froze off. The leader of the group was a young boy.

"His name was Palatio or Tio for short. His father was second in command to our chief so he was always busy. Unfortunately his mother died in childbirth. He was well liked and grew up with many friends. He was around 11 at the time he befriended Kalene. I remember how it had started.

"Sometimes I think his one goal in life was to make friends with everyone who was around him. He even tried with Kalene but she was forever distant. In the winter we travel a lot to avoid the dangers of wild animals in search of food. On one of these trips required us to cross a very slippery bridge. We all had to hold onto one another or face certain death. We all did, well we thought we did. Poor Kalene had no one and was all alone. She seemed to be doing all right by herself until we reached the middle. Her foot slipped and she lost her balance. She started to fall but as quick as lightning Tio was there to catch her. He grabbed her hand and would have fallen with her had it not been for his strong will.

"Now, I know that he was only 11 but he was rather strong. And he had a big build for someone his age. He lifted her up and held her close to him all the way to the end of the bridge. She didn't object only let herself be led. No one questioned his actions or praised him for it. Sometimes we know when we have to let things be. When we reached our destination he sat alone with her. I don't know what they said. I probably should have looked in on their first meeting. Whatever was said stirred something inside of her though.

"Like I said, it wasn't a big change but it was a needed change. She started talking more. At least, to him. More importantly though, the white of her aura started to grow. I saw her even laugh sometimes. Instead of sitting by herself, she would watch the other kids play and she would smile. I think her eye was on Tio most of the time though. This continued all through winter.

"Time passed and her light grew a little brighter. Fate always plays a part in the destruction of lives though. When Tio was about 14 Kalene was about 12. It was the time when our hottest weather started to grow cold. Another fiercer village attacked us. We have fought our battles before but have never encountered such a foe. They brought many weapons that were new to us. Their men were stronger too. We had heard tales of such savages but never thought to encounter them so far up west of the stories. We were caught off guard.

"Our men fought bravely and died with honor. Then all that was left were the women and children. Young Tio organized the boys and fought off the warriors. We tried to stop them but our words were useless. Kalene ever tried to stop him. His mind was made up. She watched as her only friend went off to defend what was right.

"Our young boys took blow after blow but they kept on. What they lacked on in strength they had in courage and will. It was hopeless though. Our enemy was still great in number and they were fighting inexperienced boys. It wasn't long when the last of them fell. It was Tio. Kalene watched in horror as his attacker struck him through the heart with his sword.

"I hope that the world never witnesses another day as this one. The armed men turned on us next. A bunch of helpless women and children. They weren't watching Kalene. I was though. As she gazed upon the body of Tio her aura changed. The darkness took over. This was the one thing that I feared the most. This I knew was ever more dangerous than the men who cast hungry looks in our direction. None of the white light escaped the cloud of blackness now.

"As she stepped forward I quickly cast a shield of protection around the girls and I. I can't explain how I knew but I did. The ground started to shake. She held her hands out towards the men. They laughed and one even came close enough to touch her. He did just that and was burnt to ashes on spot. A strange wind began to blow. The men, seeing their comrade fall, raised their swords to attack. Some thing was happening though. Something very wrong.

"My shield formed an unbreakable glass shield around us and through this we watched what happened. The ground still shook and the wind howled with anger. She put her hands down and the men seeing this as their chance to attack came forward. It wasn't over yet. The ground grew hot. Then, fire came fourth and surrounded her. She didn't look worried though. The fire rose around her forming a semicircle. The men stepped backward but it was too late. The circle expanded at an alarmingly fast rate. Finally it exploded. There was a bright light then all was dark. When we could see again the fire still surrounded Kalene and the men were dead. The area around us was completely incarcerated. My glass shield had protected us thus far but if it happened again I wouldn't be able to stop it. She was still in there.

"Slowly the fire became smaller. It looked as if the fire was being sucked in form the inside. Then it disappeared in a big puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared all that was left was Kalene. She sat on her knees crying. There was a small amount of light in her aura again. Where her tears hit the dry dirt fresh new flowers grew. I let go of my shield and walked towards hoping to comfort her. I put my hand on her shoulder and she looked up at me with distant eyes. I felt so sorry for her. Then she stood up and ran into the forest with a trail of new flowers following behind her." The old woman finished her story. She was now near her death and her apprentice needed to know this final story.

"What happened next wise one?"

"Well, as for us, we traveled on our own and told our story. Another group of people took us in because we were women. This is were we've stayed all of our life. I've been fortunate enough to live long enough and watch the survivors of my village grow and produce children of their own. And with time I've watched them die as all things do in the end. As for Kalene, I don't know. I followed her trail of flowers into the forest but lost it with everything else there. To tell you the truth, I think the elements took her in."

"Why do you say that wise one?"

"As I entered the forest on her trail, the trees seemed to grow darker and thicker as I went forward. The air grew so cold or so hot that it was impossible to breath. As soon as I turned around though, everything was normal. It was clear that I could go no further. What has become of her, I do not know. I only hope that she has found some kind of happiness."

She let her words hang in the air. She looked over her apprentice knowing that some deep change was happening to him. Inside of his mind he was pondering the plight of the little girl. Something inside of him was beginning to stir. Then it hit him. He would go and find her. He looked up at her and saw her smile.

"Yes child. It is time for you to go. Find her. Go east to where the village ends and head towards the woods. Go until you reach emptiness. Find the trail of flowers. That is where your journey will begin. You have my blessing." Maybe he could do what she could not. Touch the soul of a Forsaken One.

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