The blood pours out of the wound and it doesn't seem to be healing. There's a throbbing pain but that doesn't matter. You deserve the pain. It's metaphorical blood but there's no tourniquet. The pain isn't physical but it still hurts and they don't understand. Soon the blood will be real and there wouldn't be any tourniquet.

Your killing yourself from the inside out but all they see is that perfectly constructed illusion you set up. To them nothing has changed but how should they know something has?

It's not a secret you just don't talk about it. It wasn't the thing you bought up in a casual conversation and you don't like pity. It never really bothered you until recently and now it's haunting you but know one knows because you don't let them in.

You can't be open and emotional. You can't trust. You think if you let people in you're going to loose them like you lost me. You're drowning but you added extra weights on yourself. They can keep you afloat but I think it's too late now.

Maybe a few years ago you could've been saved but you didn't even know it was bothering you then. Now all you can do is sink to your watery grave and when it happens there will be no one to apply the tourniquet . The blood will start flowing and then it will stop and then we'll be together again. Pity the weights were removed only when you had drowned.

A/n: If you don't get it the person talking in this is the dead person and when they say you they are talking about the live person and this isn't another suicide story because the person I'm writing about is still alive. Look around this applies to more than one person and could even be your friend.