Chapter 39

"AHHH!" Shad shouted out of a deep sleep.

Quickly Francisco and Nikita, always on alert, ran into the room to find out what the problem was. As they opened the door, Francisco couldn't help but laugh at the scene. There sat Shad, curled up on his bed, as a few fluffy white bunnies hopped around on the floor by the foot of his bed.

"Help! There are gremlins all over the floor! Get them!" Shad yelled, his eyes closed.

Francisco FLOATed a rabbit into the air in front of Shad's face.

"Open your eyes Shad." Francisco said, still laughing.

Shad's expression was priceless. He opened his eyes slowly, still cringing, and seeing the bunny, he became very conscious of the foolishness of the situation, scowled at Francisco and Nikita, and fell back into bed, pulling the covers over himself in a flash.

Francisco and Nikita left the room, giggling as Shad frowned under the covers of his bed.

The following morning, nothing was said of Shad's "night time problem", as Francisco and Nikita had not only a sense of humour, but a sense of morals as well. Once again, the huge party of travelers from all across the island gathered in the dining room to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by Peter. Peter had actually gotten up early to begin preparations (non magical cooking is an incredibly strenuous and time consuming process), and was rewarded with the thanks and praise of all around the table. Everyone was talking and laughing together until, near the end of the meal, silence was asked by Francisco at the head of the table. Everyone turned to face him.

"For those of you still unfamiliar with the 14 stones of Eldire, let me educate you."

And, just as he revealed the legend of the 14 stones to Peter, he revealed it to all at the table. A few minutes later he was done explaining the basics.

"But, those are just the basics. Even if you know of the 14 stones of Eldire, that doesn't mean you understand them. A big question you all might be asking is, how do I know I possess the stone of silver, or that Peter possesses the stone of Water, or Nikita the Stone of Space. To explain that, first I must tell you of how the powers of the stones is passed down from person to person. When the great Mage Jamie made the stones, he/she spread them to 14 of his/her closest friends, the ones he/she thought best encompassed everything about the stones.

But, Jamie was not as omnipotent as you might think. He/she found that his/her friends were not forming alliances as they should. In fact, Those who then possessed the Gold and Silver Stones were the biggest upset of all. Their names were Rowgan, who inherited the Gold Stone, and Kelsea, who inherited the Silver Stone. Soon after inheriting the stones, Rowgan and Kelsea fell madly in love with each other, despite being so opposite. Rowgan was selfish, Kelsea was selfless. Rowgan wanted the world, Kelsea wanted a better world. And despite this, they cared about each other more than anything. Rowgan took everything he could from others in his greed, but was able, through love, to give his heart to Kelsea. And Kelsea gave up all she had to others, including her heart to Rowgan. The only thing she could never give away was Rowgan's heart. This inbalance, caused by love, was so powerful that the circle of stones as we know them today was actually two circles. The unison of two complete opposites cut the circle into two such that opposites were as far apart as possible, and their was peace throughout the land for a long time. But soon, Rowgan and Kelsea passed away, as all humans do, but not before passing on their stones to their only two children, two boys.

But rather than rivalry ensuing between the two brothers, a brotherly friendship was strengthened by the introduction of the two stones. The names of these brothers is unknown, but what is known is that the youngest of the two brothers never married or had children, while the oldest continued the family tradition by having two sons. When the time for death came for both brothers, they passed their powers onto the eldest brother's sons. Their names are, however, known. Favio and Harris. Once again brotherly friendship was strengthened, but this time it would not last.

With the remaining stone holders scattered around the world, Favio and Harris travelled far and wide to obey their curiousity regarding the locations of the remaining stones. They came across a young knight named Jenise, who happened to be in possession of not one but two stones, both air and earth. Desperate to be the only ones possessing the power of the stones, they assisted her in defending the castle of Drogmore, only to betray her t the end of the final battle. Upon killing her, they realized that the stones' powers could not be transferred forcefully but only with the consent of the one who possessed them. And so, they took her body and placed it in a boat, pushing it out into the ocean, intending no one to have the powers if they couldn't. Favio and Harris would soon find themselves fighting, only to split up and never talk to each other again. The circle of stones, now restored but missing two stones, gradually balanced out. The stones' powers continued to be passed down from generation to generation, but air and earth magic continues to this day to be extremely difficult to do."

"Is that why it's so difficult to perform powerful earth and air magic, like changing the weather or terraforming?" Peter asked.

"Yes Peter." Francisco replied. "But to get to the point of the matter, the reason I know that you, Nikita, and Myself possess these powers is the incredible magic in each respective area that we are able to perform. You'll notice that Peter has never performed any intermediate or advanced level spells except for water, while Nikita often seems to be able to sneak up on you and be a fair bit quicker and agile than the rest of us. That is because she is often controlling time and space to fit her needs. As for myself… well, I can't really show you what I mean so you might just have to believe me."

The entire table nodded.

"But now, it's time for your training."