This was based on one of the old Infocom games which were popular back around the dawn of computers. They were text based, and when you entered a command, the computer would do an appropriate action, they generally had plots. This one doesn't have a plot, it mostly consists of the computer, me, annoying the player, my sister, there may be more of these if this is reviewed at all. The player is signified by a ""


You are alone in a dark place

Turn on lights.

you are alone in your room


there are many things strewn around the room

Examine clutter on floor.

you see a dead dog first

you turn away in disgust

What type of dog is it?

you don't notice what type of dog it is

What else is on floor?

there is a computer on the floor and a plushie

Take plushie.


Examine computer.

it is one of those ancient types that were first made in the early 80s

Turn on computer

it won't turn on

Take computer.

it's too large

Throw computer out window.

it's still too large

Forget about computer. Examine room.

you need to deal with the computer

Okay fine. Eat computer.

you like silicon?


you feel normal, if confused

Uh hi

I don't know the word "uh hi"


you have nothing

I picked up a plushie.

you have nothing

the plushie disappeared,

'tever. Um...examine computer

it is one of those ancient types that were first made in the early 80s

I heard.

Are you sure?

Leave room

through which door?

Which doors are there?

there are two doors

Where do the doors lead?

one leads somewhere and the other somewhere else

Go through first door

which first door?

Fine! Go through closest door!

they are both equidistant from you

Okay, how about this. Go through door which doesn't lead to prominent danger.

both of them do

Um do either of the doors have certain distinguishing features?

no, they are both identical

Get me out of this room or I'll read poetry to you! Oh zipplefwankering snozzwangers...

you haven't dealt with the computer

Is there a window?




Examine computer. Again.

it is one of those ancient types that were first made in the early 80s, there is also a large plug

Aha! I have it! Eureka!!! Break computer!!!

you try but instead you bruise your fingers, those old computers were hard


you have bruised fingers


I don't know the word "fun."

Plug the plug on the computer somewhere.

the computer blinks on

Use computer.

how do you want to use it?

Type "something"

you typed "something" into the computer

What happened?

the words show up on the screen

Examine screen. Carefully

the screen shows "something" on the black screen in green letters

Oh hampershouting frippleburglers, thou armanious dermotoids are gitonious. Your antentacles are querwinkully and your hoodwinkleduoms are notiyous.

what do you want to do?


Are you sure?

try searching the disk

Search disk

on the disk there is a program

Examine program

the program explodes, killing you. Better luck next time

do you want your score? Y/N




your score is:

20 out of a possible 100 for getting out of bed and plugging in the computer

Oh. Yay! 20!

sorry, 20 out of 1,000,000

Wait. 20? Augghhh!!!!

Better luck next time

My sister and I wrote this one night when we were feeling rather strange. Sorry that its rather repetitive. I'm the computer and my sister's the player. I tried to proofread, but if you see any typos, please contact me.