The Little Room

That little room

Way back there

Unknown to them,

No one cares

It's full of pain

And haunting screams

And bloody stains

And heartless thieves

But no one sees

'Cause they're too busy

Walking past,

In a tizzy.

But I see,

And I hear the shrieks

And I see the blood,

And I taste the metal.

Because I was there,

All alone

And they took my life

Without caring

I'm lost and broken,

My eyes are hollow

I feel the breeze,

But just barely

And I can't understand

Just how horrid

They could be

To me.

A/N: Dude, I'm on a fucking writing spree o__O;; I like this one. I'm not really sure why I wrote it But I like the rhythm. And yeah. o.O;;