Why do I feel this pain
Deep in my chest?
Why do I feel this loneliness
When I'm with my friends best?
I stand here, with those I love,
But they do not see me
Why am I invisible?
Why do you sometimes pretend
That you do not know me,
Do not see me?
Why do I feel alone?
All these years, I have
Stood by you.
I have kept us together,
Thick or thin,
Hell or high water.
I provided a listening ear,
A comforting shoulder for tears,
And shoulder the burden
Of both your and my problems
When I need that ear to listen,
That shoulder to cry on,
I look...
No one is there.
I am alone.
And now, when I have
Done so much, you
Lock me out and leave
Me in the rain of my woes.
When my life is hard,
You leave me in the dark.
Whilst I watch
You laugh and go out and play,
Leaving me, your friend,