Author's Note: The Muses kept me awake till dawn writing this, so I thought my work should go noted. It is a response to something my friend wrote, and I will put the link in my profile, because FP freaks if I put addresses in the actual writings. *shrugs* I'm also going to write a prose piece to accompany this, so keep an eye out for that, it will explain things better. Until then, enjoy.

The Tower

You've drawn inside your tall stone tower once again,
And I am left outside in the cold.
I call to you, but you play deaf,
Ignoring my pleas to be let inside.

A love from long ago shattered your trust
When she left your old love for one barely knew;
Returned your proposal with a dismissive note,
And so you built these walls, your last retreat.

Others have come and gone, but none have been within,
Within the fortress you call Trust, with all its bolts and bars.
You open the guarded door to none,
E'en those you claim to love.

I wish I could come inside, to see what causes tears to mar
The woodland pools of your eyes
And makes you to cry in the night
At dreams so fearful and dark.

But I cannot force you out of your tower,
Nor do I wish to try.
I stand quietly without, head pressed to cold stone,
Sheding silent tears for your discourteous pain.

Curled up outside your strong, barred door,
I watch the moon rise slow in the sky.
The stars shine sympathy on my shivering form,
Held close by the shadows of night.

And as I sit, I pray a prayer:
While between us these walls stand,
Let deep sorrow assail him not
For my compassion I cannot lend.

I hope one day you will learn once more to Trust;
That you would trust me the way you did her.
I will not break your heart, lest I slay my soul.
A thousand deaths I would suffer to save you.

I am your silent watcher. Like a faithful dog,
Always at your heels and in your shadow,
Ready to leap to your defense,
But content also to sit quietly by your side,

Finding joy in your companionship
And asking for nothing more than A Friend,
A Guardian, an Arm to shelter me from the world
And chase my fears away.

Will you someday allow me in? Can I
Gain the Trust that was broken so recklessly?
Whether yay or nay, I will love you the same,
And wait for you here, in sunlight and shade.

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