tick tock, clock chimes twelve times
that's the thirty third bell you've heard
spread acorss the bed
waiting for your girlfriend
to remember you exist and
to let you know she won't come home
until tomorrow morning
hopes lost and forgotten
so many hours i've counted and lost
so many ticks on the clock i've watched do laps
every time i'm abandonned
i have to bring it up
no one even notices i was left in the dark
a simple sorry's all i got
and i'm just hoping one day
i'll be worth enough
that one would kick themselves
for not showing up
i'll never be worth calling
i realize i'm not on your mind
but stop lying, you tell me i'm there always
that's bullshit, you think of nothing but yourself
hold it.. no, you also think of everyone else
am i the only one in this world
you'll leave alone with no notice
just because you think it's all better saying sorry