it seems like my life's over crowded
so many out there need a piece of me now
i know i'm being selfish
i just wish i was helpless and self sufficient
instead dependencies on me have been created
while i'm trying to break away
from the naked babe i was yesterday
today i graduate,
next day,
establish a stable place stay
get paid and stay away
from dangerous places and situations,
engage and commit to a relationship
make arrangements and get married
change my space to safely raise a baby
change my ways to get by
cause i'll have to provide for my wife and newborn child
i will support my supporters
forced to look forward
and pour my heart and soul in what's important
i won't be pushed over,
i won't be unknown
nor be short of golden goals
before i go i will fulfill
the role i've given to myself
i will be proud,
standing out as a crowd by myself
too bad things don't end
like intended when planned out