Once upon a time, there was a wealthy and somewhat prominent family known as the Virristis. The Virristi family was distantly related to royalty- not closely related enough that they would be in line for the throne, but related just the same.
The head of this family was Lord Luhquin Virristi. He had served the king well as a soldier for nearly all of his adult life. Now, he was five and thirty years of age, and was often bothered by his wounds and injuries from these days, mostly from an arrow shot to his shoulder from ten years earlier, which kept him abed most days.
The wife of Luhquin and the lady of the house, whose name was Triest, had died years before giving birth to Luhquin's third daughter. Although he had no sons, Luhquin never remarried.
The oldest Virristi daughter was named Zuitria. She was married to a wealthy merchant's son named Cracus, and even though she was ripe with youth at the age of one and twenty, the couple had no children.
Because Luhquin had no sons, Cracus would inherit the Virristi manor, wealth, and name as the husband of the eldest daughter, as was tradition in those days.
The middle child of the daughters of Luhquin was named Riahh. She was seventeen years of age, and her engagement to Purerl of the house of Qissit was nearly finalized.
The youngest of the three was named Aanrij. At an age of fifteen, negotiations for her betrothal had not yet even begun, but it was generally believed that once Riahh was married, the search would begin for a suitable mate for Aanrij.

Thus does the story begin.