AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello everyone! Welcome to my first story ever. . .well, not really. Naturally I've written many stories in my day, even got a chance to publish a few of them, but I decided to start out fresh as FictionPress, just to break the mold a little. Yes, I know. Right now it may not seem like much, but I'm working on it. I can only do so much, okay? Anyways, this is the prologue and it's not that good. Yes, I do have a plot in mind, and, yes, I will be writing more in the future. I intend to add romance, gore, swears, and God knows what else to this, perhaps making it into an epic. I will take suggestions about the characters, plot, setting, etc, but only if it's reasonable. I do not know if I will lemonize this or not. Okay, any questions? If you still have more please ask. I'd love to get a review from you. Thanks.




By Repsychus

The cold stone of the floor stung her feet, its ice penetrating her like a knife. With her thin gown swishing around her there was little warmth to be had, but still she wandered on, leaning gently against the wall for support. The artic breeze twirled her coffee-colored hair as dim light led the way down an uncertain path. She continued forward with the eyes of a young child, searching endlessly for something. . .anything. . .so long as it brought her home, wherever that may be.

Walls seemed to loom above her, as foreboding and fierce as gray tigers. The stones seemed to quake and nip about her toes, trying with all their might to throw her off balance. Fear tinted her sparkling amber eyes, making them burn with orange sparks amid a dancing flame; the threat of tears was quickly filling them. She wanted to cry out, to clutch at anything, to hold the world around her still again, but she continued to spin. Finally she collapsed to the ground, her golden pools spilling over with tears.

She clenched her hand in the dusty dirt that coated the castle floor. Out of breath and nearly exhausted, she looked like a helpless angel, her wings torn from her flesh. There were still so many more halls to pass, so many more stairs to travel before she was free. Escape from her room had come easily enough, but escape from the meandering corridors was something entirely different. All she wanted was her freedom. . .

Suddenly a booming voice startled her, cracking the silence like an echoing thunder crash. "Where are you? ! You little tramp! ! ! I'll find you yet! ! !" it cried, its tone seething with anger. No, not just anger. It was an emotion beyond anger, and it scared her senseless. The shadow spread against the wall did nothing to temper it. Two beady black eyes turned the corner, and as soon as they did, she was powerless against their icy gaze. "There you are, My Little Bird! ! You've done a naughty, naughty thing, boppin' me on the head like that. . . I aught to roast you where you stand! ! !" the large youkai bellowed.

He was a thick thing, his massive arms covered in a coarse sprout of hair that seemed far thicker than his head. Huge fangs like a pair of ivory daggers jutted from his lower lip in the manner of a beast as ears, sharp and large, twitched softly from the sound of her sobs. He was grotesque to say the least, for he was neither man nor creature, but even a lesser for than that. A Demon, as he was more likely called, this youkai had only the mark of darkness in his soul. This darkness was what made her weep, for the air around him was heavy with it, stifling what power she had left.

All she could do was cower. Inside her soul she was screaming in fear, pain and rage. Her whole body shook from head to toe, an overwhelming disgust filling her as she stared up at her captor. The creature simply scoffed. "What's this? The little bird glowers at me? ! Well I won't have it! ! !" With that he swiped his hand across her face, sending her skidding against the frigid floor. "That should teach you to glare at me, Little Bird!" he huffed, satisfied with the large bruise on her cheek. Tears spilled from her, for she would hold them no more.

She did nothing, allowing the beast to carry her to her cage, locking the door tightly. A sadness overwhelmed her as she stared into cold, evil eyes. He was heartless, she could see the easily, but, what's more, he enjoyed the pain he caused her. Smiling cruelly, he left her there, a broken angel crying for the freedom she would never taste. In her cage she would stay, forever the bound bird that would never see the lasting light of day.

To be continued. . .