i watched you walk away,
and i thought to myself, how
am i going to learn to love again?
it was so hard learning the first
time, i don't think i could do it all
over again. the spottled tile floors
glared back at me with the harsh sunbeams
cutting through the door as it slammed
shut behind you. i watched you storm off
down the sidewalk-you get a little skip
in your step when your angry and your
hips swing a little more, makes me forget
that i could ever be angry with you.
but i usually wasn't, just afraid
of saying all the wrong things. the
door clanged hard against the post
and i felt the sound vibrate down to
the very core of my heart. just like
that, you had gone, and, being true
to my stupid incompetant nature
i never went after you. i'm sorry
i never ran after you, i just didn't
want to be slapped with that look
that you get, eyes like coals, and
feel like worthelss shit...again.
kcs '03