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Summary: Hitoshirenu is more than just a school in Tokyo. Underneath it is Japan's SFECT HQ, an Japan's orginization for making sure humans are safe from supernatural, fantasy, and extraterristrial creatures. There's a group against it, however, and they beleive they're only key to defeat SFECT is to unleash a demon in Greece, and the only one who can unseal him is a normal tomboy attending Hitoshirenu Junior High, named Meguru Kouzoku.

Of course, this whole mess equals: Meguru getting a job at the SFECT whether she wants it or not, Meguru expirencing the pain of trying to balance a 'not-so-after-school' job and studying for tests, having a demon that does nothing but bug her in her room, and a curious little brother who will stop at nothing to find out why Meguru is acting so weird.

Did I mention that Meguru is a reincarnated princess from ancient times that sealed the demon and has really cool powers that Meguru inheireted? She'd pay money to get rid of them. . .really who wouldn't? Everything isn't really what it seems. . .

Meguru Meguru

0. Shinwa

by Kumori Ryuuzaki

". . .and so with one last kiss, she sealed her demon lover forever. . ."

Drumming his fingers anxiously against his hard wooden desk, a dark haired man with a bushy beard looked out his window that was located in the back of his small square shaped office. Light reflected from portraits and anything shiny, making the man able to wear sunglasses no prob.

And he so happened to be wearing sunglasses. But that's beside the point.

It wasn't until he heard beeping from his fax machine, that he turned around and grabbed the message the fax printed up. At the same time, a dark haired woman with dark cold blue eyes walked into the office, a bundle of papers in her arms.

Looking at the paper in her boss' hands, the woman asked, "He replied already?"

The beared man nodded. "Hai, hai*. I was wondering when he would answer. The sooner, the better. The rebels could be plotting things at this very moment."

"About about that Kouzoku girl?" the woman asked, as she brushed a dark curl framing her face behind an ear. "She isn't. . .is she?"

"So far, yes," the man answered, as he set the message down and took off his sunglasses. "But until she sets him free, we'll never know, really. But do we want to know if it's her that badly?"

The woman shook her head furiously. "Of course not, sir," the woman answered. She heard awfull stories about *him*, and she really wasn't anxious to find if they're true or not.

"Don't let her out of sight," the man said sternly. "It'll be your responsibility if they kidnap her to unlease him, and you know that."

"Yes sir," the woman nodded, and set the bundle of papers onto the desk. "These are from Toumoku, sir." The woman nodded, and left the office.

The man turned his chair around abit, so he could face the window again. Millions of thoughts were racing each other in his heads, but his main conern was of Kouzoku. Was she really the one?

*Sterope, is that really you. . .?*

To be Continued. . .


* -- "hai" means "yes", "yeah", and variations of that, if I'm correct.

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