Happiness is...

How can you truly define happiness? You can't, there are too many people in the world to actually define the feeling. So, I did a little experiment and research before defining happiness. I sent an E-mail to all of my friends asking them, in their own words, to define what happiness means to them. Although not too many people replied, I still had enough to information to define the meaning of happiness in all of its forms.

"Happiness is to me: being able to cuddle up with my girlfriend without a care in the world or anyone interrupting." Being able to spend the rest of your life with the person you love is defined as happiness. Being able to find a person you care about more then anything, and spending quality time with that single person. "happiness is when you laugh with your friends about a funny joke" Finding a place where you fit in the most and not having a care in the world. That certain feeling you get when nothing is wrong and laughing just seems to make it better. Happiness is when you find that special someone you love, or those friends that you never want to leave your side. This certain version of happiness is just the basic feeling of being happy or in love. It may work for some people, but other people have different definitions in mind.

"Happiness is blaring gothic metal while you listen to your friend breathe on the

other end of the line." Happiness is being weird. Having your own style of happiness and not caring who cares or who bad mouths you. Most people wouldn't really find this to be happiness, it takes a certain state of mind to get the deep feeling presented in this quote. "Happiness is finding silence." Some people don't even have to say anything to anyone and be completely happy. Happiness is not having to say a single word and still have a smile on your face from memories. "Happiness is screaming and not caring who hears." Once again, happiness is not having a care in the world. Doing something about your anger, screaming yelling and not caring who hears or gets annoyed with you. Happiness is not just roses and laughter and love. It can be silence and loud music blaring while you scream at the top of your lungs.

There are some who take happiness to the next level, into a world of pain and agony. "Happiness is listening to yourself bleed." Happiness can be bleeding, being in pain, but still not caring that it hurts and to just let it go, which goes into another version of happiness: hurting yourself. "Happiness is a sharp knife and a dark room." For some people, hurting yourself can be the ultimate happiness. Happiness is Cutting and scrapping your skin till it bleeds, and watching the blood come out. Happiness can be violence hurting yourself maybe not hurting other people but at least seeing blood drip out of skin. "Happiness is lapping up what's left of your wounds." Happiness can be defined as tasting your own skin, tasting the pain you caused yourself. Happiness can be a world of violence and blood, and just not caring if you die.

To me happiness is having the world balanced. Its not just a happy time or a violent time. But happiness is feeling depressed and wretched at one moment. Then the next minute tears of joy overflow your eyes. Happiness to me is a combination of everything you can feel in the world, happy, sad, love, life and death. Not just one thing can be happiness but it has to be two different and opposite emotions. "Happiness is listening to a great song that makes you cry."

A/N* It took about half an hour to 20 minutes to write this essay!!!! and guess what I got on it... an "A" actaully almost an A+.....he said "A/A+" strange guy! anyway this is a definition essay and basically based of quotes as you could have told from the format. anyway I kind of like it and it isn't that bad either. adn most of the quotes except two, are from the same dang person! thanks to that person for geting me my "A" love you forever (even if I got an F I would still love you forever)