Ode to the Love Couch

O! satiny mass of pillow fluff
So new with dawning of the year
The lavish gifts of Bald-On-High
Defiled by foot and handprint

My love to thee, oh couch of wonder
Your shades of wine and gold so pure
Your sister seats all lovely, yet
None are indeed just like you

Your waiting breast doth offer solace
To passing glances of affection
Hearts struck by magnet, or perhaps
Glue of the sweetest variance

It is thy spell, O wonderous love couch
That makes the wintertime doth sing
As gentleman do offer lady
His leather jacket from Nordstrom's

Most recently, fantastic sofa
Thou hath called thy pillows forth
To seal such lovebirds in a tent
Away from prying eye of children

My love to thee, O Love Couch
For protection of all PDA's
And for far lovelier a spot
To make out than beneath the stair

Curse me if I ever shall defile
And place by single rear across thy blessed seat
Although I would not quite object
To a shield of pillows and a heaven-sent boyfriend
If you please