"Til' I Get You"

I know that they all want you; I know that they all love you
I know that they admire you, wishing they would someday have you
Your like a star so distant from me, Your like a coral living deep in the
What if I stand in front of you, would you like me?

Oh how lucky that penny is, you touch you hold you give it a kiss
But why of my size compared to that coin, you cant even give me a loin
A loin of cloth to wipe my tears, a loin of clothe to wipe my fears
My fears of letting go, of my feelings you don't know . . .

Now everything is clear to me, clear as the noisy buzz of a bee
That you were just a dream
And in my mind was only where you've been
And if there would be chances that dreams would come true
I know that someday there will be me and you
For now I'll keep dreaming, Til' I get you . . .