Walking along the street seemed like tedious work as he made his way towards her house. Never had he thought it should have come to this, but it had, and there was nothing, nothing he could do about it.

As always, in stories like this, he thought.

She lived in a neighbourhood where the neighbours were reserved, and did not mind what was not their own business. Frequently random cars would zoom past and the breeze and faint smell of petrol would find its way across his senses. It seemed all a bit much for a street that looked so perfect.


Finding his way to her house, he rang the doorbell. When he found out that no one was going to answer his call, he rummaged through his low slung bag to retrieve a small notepad and a black ballpoint pen. Scrawling a message onto a sheet of paper and ripping it off the pad, he stuck it in a book he got out of his bag and placed it near the door where he knew she'd see it, crammed everything back into his bag, and started to take off. Just as he hit the pavement, he heard his name being called out.

It was her.

He turned around. She smiled nervously and looked as though she was thinking, as though she couldn't figure out why he would be coming around at a time like this.

He didn't smile.

He walked slowly backwards for a couple of steps, then turned around and started walking more quickly towards the end of the street.

But he was going much further.

She, still enormously confused over what had just happened, made her way to her front door, and saw the book. A Little Princess, a classic, her favourite. She unlocked the door, and put the book on the table. She was about to go into the kitchen, when she looked back to the book, and picked it up again. She flicked through it, and a piece of paper fluttered out. She picked it up, unfolded it, and read it.

"Does he..ever get the girl?"


He was on his train to wherever it took him, and he was wondering if he had done the right thing. It was true, he was never going to see her again. He would never be able to hold her, or to whisper in her ear three lightly sweet words. He was going to leave his Little Princess.

But that was the way all stories like this ended.

So he made himself a proposition. He was going to live his life. He was going to feel happy. He was going to start a new life and forget about his old one.