I walk alone on this path
That you, once my friends,
Chose for me.
A path strewn with ridicule and hurt,
Hidden pain and memories.
I respect your choices;
Why cannot you do the same?
I let you choose your own path,
Yet you chose mine.
I gave you all I had;
Yet you give me what's left.
Sometimes, when I am alone,
As you leave me, I wonder
Why had it come to this?
What happened to my friends?
Was it me? What did I do?
What happened to the pledge
We made to stick together,
Dreamers five?
I look around me
And I see
This new life's harsh reality.
I've deluded myself for so long;
How could I not have seen?
How could I have missed it?
My friends are no more;
Now, instead, strangers
Stand in the place where they once stood.
As I silently cry out for the love
Which I have been denied,
You watch, a mere observer,
Hearing my cries yet doing
So thus, I invoke my right:
"Good bye, my friends."
And vanish into the night.