A Continuing Saga, About Friendship, Alliances, Money And Entertainment

It's the winter chill again and Paula is still shooting for her commercials and movies,

"Well, back in these times again when Christmas is near and I'm still here waiting

for the real meaning of that day . . ." Geraldine acts as the martyr best friend of Paula

again. "Hey Paula!" (Geraldine leaving message in to Paula's answering

machine), "Why do you have to stay here in the studio again? I really miss spending

Christmas with you my dear friend" as Paula hearing the message that Geraldine

left, she immediately told her personal assistant to change their phone lines cause fans

keep calling and calling her. The night passed as Geraldine wonders about why

her friend doesn't recognize her anymore, she sadly asked herself "Am I not in her circle

of friends anymore, because she's already popular and many people

desire's to be with her" as Geraldine keep asking herself those questions, her tears are

dropping like rain onto her beautiful dress that she prepared to wear for

Christmas. After thinking about why, she stopped and think that Paula doesn't like to be

with her anymore cause she acts and thinks like a 17-year-old geek. That's

why after celebrating the Christmas Eve all alone . . . crying and reminiscing on those

days when she knew that she was only adopted . . . she realized that nothing is

left and no person is at her side anymore . . . she thinks of reinventing herself so she

could prove Paula that she is more worthy of being called a "STAR". Geraldine started to

change everything she is. On the exact date of "January, 19, 1997" she started auditioning

(To Be Continued)