"Greater Than Being Well"

It's better to be sick, than to not see your face
It's better to look pale, than to lose a glimpse of your ways
It's greater to die, than to see you cry
It's harder to breathe, when you feel all the need

It looks like your soul, is connected to me
It feels like I dying, when you can't stand the famine
It's easier to lie, than to accept it's goodbye
It's better to lose, than to win another high

Why can't you feel, the same way too?
Now that you're leaving, you don't feel blue
Why did you told me, to be strong?
When leaving me here, is really wrong

When will you feel, the same way too?
When will this heal, are you wounded too
Why can't I just greet you goodbye
Because I really love you, come back home . . .

Sigh . . . . . . . . . .