A/N: not my usual straight forward poem. I'm not really sure how I like it.
please lemme know what you think
And if you read my poems please tell me your favorite because I want to
submit some to my school's literary mag. & I don't know which one.


You left me here
With a smirk on your face
'Cause you couldn't wait
To break some one else

You left me here
And with you
You took my candles
And matches

Now I'm trying so hard
To escape this endless pitch black tunnel
Searching desperately
For some light

But there is no light
Because you were my only light
And now you're gone

But still I look
Look for something
I don't know what

Maybe I'm searching for light
Maybe I'm searching for you
Maybe I'm searching for comfort

But I've been here for so long
I don't even remember
What light looks like

But still
I'm searching