By:Andrew Troy Keller

After I had graduated from college,
I had moved to Hollywood and met Morgan Edge,
One of the hottest producers in Tinsel Town,
Who was casting for his next movie,'The Golden Crown'.
After my screen test,I've asked,"How did I do,Mister Edge?"

Well,even though I've done great in the screen test,
He had decided to cast someone who was not a pest.
But then,after I had walked out of his office,
Someone had tapped me on the shoulder and told me in a nice
Way that my performance was the absolute best.

After I've heard that,I've turned around and saw
A magnificent red-haired beauty named Jennifer McGraw,
Who had also been in Morgan Edge's office
To try out for a part,but he told her that she was too nice
For the part and gave it to the next girl he saw.

Then,after I had told her that I'm Peter Danning,
Jennifer had asked me to help her bring
Some packages up to her apartment,which had
Been the wonderously beautiful pad
Ever decorated within her apartment building.

A few minutes later,we've stepped out on the fire escape
And saw such a natural beauty that should be on videotape.
And then,after we had looked at each other,
I had placed my hands on her hips and kissed her
Ever so passionately on the lips as the sun slowly escapes.

After we had finsihed eating a marvelous dinner,
I had placed my hand on top of Jennifer's
And asked her to be my wife.
It is now two years later and a movie entitled 'Toby's Life'
Is out in theaters and stars me and my beloved wife,Jennifer.