(Author's Note) This was actually an English Assignment, that turned out half decent. It's sap city, but still decent! Lol. I love the name…Laine Waskins. Well, anywho, enjoy the sappy mythology story. We had to write a story of a "hero" and make up our own hero. He ahd a few characteristics he had to have. It was actually pretty cool. But, it's not worth making it longer than the mere like three pages it is.

The Story of Laine Waskins

"Goodbye, my child…" Those were the last words Laine Waskins ever heard from his mother. The underworld was in great turmoil and to get away from it all, Persephone and Hades took a trip to the mortal world and lived a week in a modern paradise, by the name of Los Angeles. It was a week of love, freedom, and pure relief, until Persephone found that she was to have a child. She panicked and took over a mortal form, to give birth. She needed to save her child from Jameson, one of Hades' other sons, who was the cause of the conflictual circumstances in the underworld. He was trying to take over, and Ares, who was already somewhat against Hades, willingly was trying to help. Ares, of course, had most of the Olympians on his side, so it was many against Hades and Persephone. A child of theirs was sure to die. Persephone had to save him. She knew Hades wouldn't be able to give up his son, so she, without his consent, traveled to New York and left the infant Laine with the loyal worshippers, Nicholas Waskins and his wife, Tina. They took him in as their own child, and when the underworld beckoned for their king and queen's return, Laine was left in New York and raised with the belief that he was Nicholas and Tina's child.

From the beginning, Laine had always felt different and had many things unusual about him. His eyes were of pure black, and they mirrored all images they saw back to the image itself and to Laine's head; but when they were transported to his head, they were interpreted differently than how most interpret images. He could see the past, present, and future fate of any creature into whose eyes he looked. He lived a normal life, yet it was in confusion of who he was, and why he had these powers of premonition. When he turned sixteen, his best friend, Corynn Majors, and he were going to go to the beach for a week. Corynn was driving, so they began to drive there. Along the way, they stopped at the grocery store to get materials for the week. When paying for these materials, Laine looked into the eyes of the cashier and saw something that he couldn't let alone. This man was to die in a robbery later that day. Laine convinced Corynn to stay at the grocery store, and sure enough, about three hours later, there was a robbery. The robber tried to hold everyone hostage, but Laine used his skill to outsmart this robber, and get him to where he belongs, jail. Everyone thanked him, and Corynn and he got their groceries for free!

They continued their trip, and Laine told Corynn about his questions. After about three hours in the car, the gas was running out, and they were lost. It was humorous, but not exactly what they wanted. Before they could get to a gas station, the car broke down. They got out of the car and looked around the empty area. They decided to go exploring and hopefully find someone to help them. As they were walking, a cave was approached and a dark voice came from inside the cave. Two bright eyes shown through the darkness and as Laine and Corynn slowly backed away, a hideous beast came out of the cave and forced the deep growl to run through the environment beyond them. It had wings of steel, and a body of pure muscle. It's black silk like fur made it as horrid in color as it was in the eyes. Laine looked into it's horrendous eyes and saw that it was to be captured and destroyed within the next week. He told this immortal beast of the oracle and found that although the beast, named Nimaly, was intimidating and strong, he was also stupid, gullible, and a coward at heart, Nimaly immediately surrendered under the oracle and Laine bribed him into helping Corynn and himself find help. But, the Nimaly, found more than just help. "A gift you have," it said to Laine. "A gift granted to few…you are unique, and your past shadows you, yet the shadow, is of the great. You are among the only…" the Nimaly's eyes began to relax and it moved a little closer to get a better view of his defeater. "You're father's eyes you have."

Laine thought about this and then realized that the Nimaly was truthful. Nicholas wasn't his father? Laine began to question this immortal beast, and the Nimaly agreed to lead Laine into the underworld, where his parents would be found.

The trip, by foot, was long and several obstacles were faced along the way. At one point, Corynn was kidnapped, and Laine almost gave up his life for her. This caused Corynn and him to see how much they really meant to each other. They kissed, and from that moment on, they loved each other more than ever before, and cherished each other's lives with all of their hearts.

The final path to the underworld was finally reached, and Nimaly was thanked. It had been a week and a half, and since Nimaly went with Laine and Corynn, he had escaped getting captured. He lived his immortal life in a new light and instead of killing the visitors, lost and alone, he greeted them and helped them find their way home, thanks to Laine. Corynn went back with the Nimaly who told her where to find help with the car. Laine gave Cerberus, who guides the gates of the underworld, a dog treat, which he had because he had carried them for his dog, and he had forgotten to put them back in the box. This biscuit distracted Cerberus long enough for Laine to creep into the underworld, unharmed. He walked and walked the narrow paths until he reached Hades' room. He entered the room, to see Jameson, sitting in the throne, and evil followers surrounding him. All of the followers' eyes shot Laine's way. He looked into their eyes one by one…they were to defeat Hades and win the underworld. Laine could only wonder whether good or evil would come from this. He looked to the shield, plastered on the wall next to him, and into his own eyes. All was a blur. The world was slowly fading, and the longer he searched his eyes, the further gone it was. He quickly blinked and looked away and back to Jameson. Jameson stood and walked over to him, so that they were standing face to face. Those same eyes…suddenly, Jameson pulled out a sword, and demanded to know Laine's reasoning in being there. Laine realized that this man was evil…he had to be stopped. A fight broke out. All of the men in the hall were against Laine, but, he won despite the inequality. Finally, it was down to just Jameson and Laine. They fought till Laine had Jameson almost killed. It was then that Hades walked in and stopped Laine from killing his own brother, which was a fact unknown at the time. Laine looked at Hades and immediately the past flashed before his eyes, and visions came to him. This god was familiar…Hades seemed to be thinking something along the same lines about the boy standing in front of him. The silence was broken by a "Laine?" from Hades.

Laine had nodded as more flashbacks came to him. He realized how he knew this god…it was…his father. But how could it be, he thought. How is that possible? An awkward silence was shared between the two, beforeJameson somehow interrupted. He was slowly getting better, with help from the Olympian gods, but he would never be as strong again. He would never be able to cause havoc again. Hades and Laine talked as father and son, and Laine spent the night there. He met Persephone, and loved her, as any son would love his mother, instantly. Laine was given an address to write to, and a different way to visit the underworld whenever he wanted to. He knew he had to go home, but he needed to still be with his parents at least in heart. His life was lived in happiness. He had saved the world, underworld, his love, and even himself. He was truly a hero.

The End