Moonlight's Witness

                                                                        By Hell's Angel

            "Hello?" Celeste called into the mist. Silence answered her call. Celeste shivered, but if it were from cold or fright she could not tell. The fog that surrounded her felt unnatural. It was thick, too thick, and hampered her attempts to move. It swirled around, wrapping her in an eerie cocoon.

            "Hello? Is anyone out there?" Celeste called again. Not even an echo returned. The only sound to be heard was the whisper of her dress, caused by her movement and the wind that darted in and around the mist.

            Celeste shivered again. The mist left her alone, completely alone. She was blind and deaf to every other sight and sound aside from the swirling patterns. Cautiously she reached out with her magic, but she was unprepared for the pure force of back lashing magic.

            Many moments passed before Celeste opened her eyes. She quickly closed them again, the pain in her head too much for her weakened body. 'Dampening spells,' was her last thought as she floated blissfully in unconsciousness.   

                                *              *              *

His face was schooled into a mask appropriate for a council of war. Within though Jared was smirking. Everything was going in accordance with his plans. 'Soon Celeste. Soon, you will be back were you belong. With me. And that bastard who dares to call himself king will be as dead as I can make him,' Jared promised silently. 

            With those thoughts Jared strode into the war room. This would be the most vital attack he had ever planned. This plan was for Celeste.

            The rest of the council had gathered within. Jared gave a slight bow to King Gadar. "I apologize for the slight delay your Majesty."

            "It is no matter. Everyone knows how much you adore our princess. It is only natural that this is a hard time for you to withstand."

            Jared bowed his head. "Your Majesty is correct. The loss of my love has wounded me to the depths of my soul. I swear on my honor I shall save her from that madman who has taken her from us."

            The King only nodded. "To business. Who has planned the first assault?"

                                                *              *              *

            Gently Erik opened the polished wood of the door. He slipped silently into the room where Celeste lay. Elvina was by her bedside, wiping the brow that burned with fever.

            "How is she?" Erik whispered, his voice cracked with pain. 'I can't loose her now. Not when we're so close.'

            Elvina shook her head sadly. "Nothing I do 'tis helping milord. I've never seen a fever such as this."

            "Do you suspect magic?"

            "It 'tis the only answer for the speed which it came upon and the resistances it retains against the healing spells."

            "Alright. Leave us."

            Elvina bowed to her king, before exiting the room silently. As the door swung shut, the King of the Eastern Fey approached the disabled princess's bedside. Bonelessly, with out his natural grace, the wounded king slipped into the chair positioned there. Reaching out he took the hand of the delicate female before him. "Oh my love. Why do they do this to us? Why do they want us apart?" He raised the delicate hand to his lips, brushing a feather light kiss across the back.  

                                                            *              *              *

            The wind was still blowing as Celeste fought her way back to consciousness. Her eyes fluttered to reveal her surroundings to be still shrouded by the mist. Her head was pounding. Longingly Celeste thought of the relief she could have if not for the spells contained within the mist. 

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