What's wrong with letting same sex couples marry?

What's wrong with letting gays marry? What's wrong with that idiotic statement?!

LETTING them marry? LETTING them marry??? Since when is it our right to LET them marry? Why don't we focus on some more important issues, like terrorism and the craptacular economy, eh Dubya? Instead of denying gays the right to marry the person they love? Gay people marrying is not going to threaten your insular little Christian ideal of what America should be, pal. Despite what you may think, gays don't 'recruit' good, God fearing straight Christians to be gay. In fact, some of the gay people I know would rather be straight, than be discriminated against! Wow, what a shocker!
             Why should gays be denied a right granted to them in the constitution? Remember: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?? Whatever happened to that? Oh yeah, gays don't HAVE rights. I forgot, silly me.

Everyone, let's go out and discriminate against gays! Let's go out and discriminate against the gays the way we discriminated against blacks, women, Jews, Arabs, immigrants, the elderly… heck, anyone who is not white, Anglo-Saxon, nor a Protestant! *sarcasm meter explodes*

Why is it ok to discriminate against gays? It shouldn't be. Discrimination of any kind is WRONG. Haven't we learned anything from Nazi fucking Germany, people??? Gaah.
             A note to Mr. Bush: Please get your head out of your ass and focus on keeping our country safe of terrorism, and focus on resuscitating our craptacular economy, instead of telling your citizens who they can and can't marry. It's none of your fucking business sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong, into the private lives of the American citizens. If Adam wants to marry Steve instead of Eve, let him. They're not hurting anyone, despite what you may think the Bible says. You twist and interpret the Bible to meet your needs, and you're misrepresenting the word of God by doing so. It makes me sick to my stomach.
            And for all the people who think homosexuals are just child molesters: There are more hetero pedophiles in the world than homosexual. I heard that on TV. And TV never lies. So you don't have to worry about all those evil evil gays infiltrating Cub Scouts and schools, and corrupting the youth of America. The majority of homosexuals are good, law-abiding citizens who don't molest innocent children. And truth be told, most of the time molestation is NOT about the sex of the victim. It is about power and control over the victim. Since children lack power and control, they are easy targets for predators to take advantage of.

One of the main problems with the Catholic Church's priest/altar boy problem is that they don't let priests marry, or have relationships with women – or, for that matter, men. Because they don't have that outlet, some of them turn to other sources. Many argue that a priest should marry himself to the Church, and to God and Jesus. Some say that they are following Jesus' example by not having relations with women. Uh, where does it ever say Jesus never had a girlfriend? I suppose we're just to accept that Jesus was a virgin his entire life? Does the Bible or does the Bible not leave out a portion of Jesus' young adult life? I wonder what happened during that time… *thinks* Nope, he never went on a date with a woman, never had a girlfriend. Silly me for thinking that!
Hey Mr. Bush, what if one of your precious daughters was gay? Would you shun her? Would you disown her for something that is not under her control? I bet you would.

Stop trying to force your Judeo-Christian ideals on us. Marriage protection week? What about a protection week from stupid ideas like Marriage Protection Week?