Summary: An original ficlet based on the Julia Stiles film, Wicked, in which her character suffers from an extreme version of the Elektra Complex, which leads her to do all sorts of dastardly deeds.
Note: The Elektra Complex is the female version of the Oedipus Complex, in which the daughter (usually) has romantic or sexual feelings for the father and hates the mother. Damn, these notes are longer than my drabble.


He's mine all mine.
No no no no no no no she can't take him from me.
I wouldn't let her take him away. I won't let /you/ take him away.
He's /mine/, forever he's mine.
/I'm/ his favorite, he told me so.
You're my favorite. You're my favorite. You're my favorite. My favorite my favorite my favorite favorite favorite favorite.
I was his favorite, he loved me the best.
He loved /me/.
She's trying to take him I won't let her have him, he belongs to me me me.
I tried to be the best for him. I tried to make him see me. But she got in the way.
I had to get rid of her, I had to. I had no other choice. She was going to take us away from him. I couldn't let her take us from him, I couldn't.
I got rid of her, and he was mine.
For a little bit, he was all mine.
I only did what I had to. So that we could be together, forever.
What can you say?
I guess I'm just Daddy's little girl.