Now I know why they call it a 'crush.' It's because it crushes you down. When he doesn't like you, but rather another and you find out. Ouch.  That hurts. That REALLY hurts. I know it       does, 'cause I've been through it numerous times. Why don't guys see the value in the real girls? I don't understand. But man, why can't I just attract guys who aren't terminally ugly or have severe emotional issues? Although even that's only happened a couple of times… life is tough, girls. But you probably knew that already. We've got 'girl problems' galore! (Unless you are one of the 2% of females who don't have the 'imperfect' disease. ) Why aren't guys attracted to the girls that have substance, not just the looks and the moves? Because let me tell you, those girls are going to be the ones that fade away, but the girls who have personality and individuality are the girls that are going to last. I know. I've watched the world through a teenage girl's eyes. The high school world is a cold, superficial world. If you are a guy reading this, take a look at the unique and not necessarily 'gorgeous' girls. You'll be surprised at the beauty you find. If you are a girl reading this, take heart, high school is only a few years of your life…it does get better…it has to, doesn't it?