I lost an arm today, I left it jammed in my locker
After my friend took it to borrow for a while.
Then I lost my leg
When a friend needed help standing in the wave of problems life threw her
I went to school with two limbs left
And got my last arm ripped off
By a backstabbing best friend.
They take my limbs, stab me where it hurts,
Yet I still love them.
My last leg disappeared when a friend turned away
She didn't love me anymore because I didn't look like everyone else.
I lost my torso
When I didn't see myself normally,
I thought I was weird, like everyone else thought,
I looked down on myself.
Now all I have left is my head,
And I feel I'm loosing that too.
Friends driving me insane,
And I've discovered they don't really love me for who I am,
They just want me for what I can give.
I'm going crazy.
I might lose my head over this,
And if I did, they wouldn't care.
They would use my brains to help them through their life
Instead of trying to save mine.