It was a peaceful day in Selima. The birds woke up bright and early and chirped their songs to the new day. Selima Castle's tan and gray stone warmed in the morning sun and the trees around it swayed in a slight breeze. The royal unicorns in the stable munched on the hay given to them by the stable boy.
On the east side of the castle the sun shone into Zala's room and touched her eyelids. She woke up and lay in bed for a few moments before getting up. She walked over to the window and looked outside. It was a beautiful morning for a ride. The sun was bright, it was warm and a slight breeze lifted the leaves on the trees. Zala got dressed into pants and a deep green shirt and quickly brushed her long red-gold hair. She grabbed a biscuit from the kitchens on her way out to the stables. Servants made quick bows or curtsies as she passed. She soon reached the stables. Zala walked down the rows of unicorn stalls to Tierza's stall. Tierza was her unicorn; she was a silky black with a mane as soft as a spider web. Her horn was a shiny ebony spear and her eyes where sapphire blue. She quickly saddled her up and rode out of the walled city. Once they had excited the city she urged Tierza into a canter over the rolling emerald green hills.

Back at the castle the clouds became dark and covered the sun making it dark. A black unicorn, blacker than coal, with molten red eyes came over a rise of one of the hills; a rider dressed all in black sat on its back. Around him gathered and army of warriors mounted on black unicorns. They galloped toward the castle with a signal from the leader. The guards on the wall sounded the horn as soon as they saw the black mass coming toward them. The gates where closed and defenses where prepared. Queen Ardelia told the princes Dale and Adir to hide. They ran to a hidden tunnel under the castle. Above them they could begin to hear shouts and screams, swords and knives clashing, screams cut off, and footsteps running. They listened holding their breath, waiting.