A.N. Alright, so I'm just starting this because the idea struck me. I probably will continue all through the year, though updates will be irregular. I will change the title, but probably not until June, when the school year's over. I might also make up another one for grade 10. All entries will be dated, so it'll be sort of like a diary of poetry.

October 16, 2003

English class: This stuff was just part of the free writing exercise today. They look better when the first letters have a larger font, but I can't do that on here, so bear with me.


Throughout life there are many things we would avoid.

However, they come no matter how we try to avert these hard and painful encounters.

And yet lifting our teary faces from our grief-stained hands, we find the people who        promised to be there; whether in thought word or deed.

No matter how many times we fall, they never seem to give up all hope and turn their     backs as we fear they one day will.

So with renewed courage and strength, we continue on our way.


Spinning under a grey sky that some might call gloomy

Prancing along the sidewalk, not caring what the staring strangers think

Loving the coolness, the freshness, the inspiration

Although friends call out: I'm strange, I'm weird, I'll catch a chill

Sweetness none but nature herself could ever home to capture

Happiness rarely felt after childhood innocence is lost


Dancing light upon the green fields; upon the ocean blue

Announcing yet another day, another chance anew

Waking from the grasp of sleep, those who've still to rouse

Never failing to remind of the beauty this world can house.