Do you remember the day we made them?

Those glorious sky-castles

Handblown glass we wrought into delicate curves

And high arches

Arched-neck swans to stay forever poised on the parapets

Almost alight, that moment before flight

The birds stayed trapped as our hearts grew giddy wings and flew

Danced frenetically together 'twixt the sunstar and the stratosphere

Escaping as oxygen through holes in the sky

Near-frighteningly free

Away from prying eyes and everyone we didn't care about

Which was everyone

For we only cared about each other

We couldn't speak for the rush of our adventure

Time stopped for us as we dashed

From star to star in a mad game of tag

You caught me when I came too close to Jupiter

And held my hand as we picnicked on her moon

We can't fully escape the stereotypes

But really, does it matter?

I'm with you…

So did my thoughts run

We held hands on the crest of an alternate universe

And half-debated whether to take this world or the next

Then squeezed nervously and straddled some stray asteroids

Hurtling towards a pretty blue Christmas ornament

Do you remember squeezing through the ozone?

We laughed as we knew no one knew our secret

Save the stars

And floated lazily back to the palace

Where we made pretty babies

Together we nestled them carefully in clouds

Wove blankets of nimbus to keep their breath from fogging

I suppose it meant something that we could never really go there.