Confessions of a Samurai

by Iztayul Tepes

Dew splashes in the early morning sun

As clear to me suddenly as the reflecting pool's waters,

I know you are the one

Come to me, oh brother,

Give me your sword tip

Pierce my heart to stagger

Love's last undying kiss

Without you there is no peace,

With you, also, there can be no rest

For I long only to touch your face, your hair, your skin, your chest

Forsaken am I, forsaken art thee

Backs be turned, crosses burned, for darkness such as we

There was a curse upon my heart and very soul

For I was born with a spirit not to match my earthly body

And you also felt this pain

We felt release together, but with it came shame

Why are we treated this way?

Is it a crime to love?

Is it an act of sin?

For you, my brother, my lover, it is

Brothers by kin, lovers in sin


Bound by honor, bound by faith

Is it too much to ask for something more?

A glance from you across the courtyard,

Or a slash from your sword through my chest--

There is no difference, there is no rest

Unwilling am I, unable art thee

Will not abandon this love

Even if damned are we

A/N: If you've ever seen the Japanese film "Taboo," you know what this is about. If not...I recommend seeing it. ^^ Please don't grade too harshly if you decide to review; I have never claimed to be a poet. I know this has no set rhythm or pattern to it, but it isn't supposed to...because I don't know what I'm doing.