Leash and Chain

My eyes glow red and burn from the tears

From thinking aloud of all those years

Of crying for you, weeping in pain

Those times you hurt me, it was all in vain.

And you walked away, as if nothing had happened.

A petty fortune I had within my pocket

A trinket or so I had behind my back

You snatch the items with greed

Manipulate my fragile mind

Complain about an asked favour

I stood by you, child. I stood by you.

Like an obedient dog…

A lustful dog is all you are.

The darkened clouds conjoined in the sky,

The rain poured mercilessly, you shiver.

I throw you my umbrella

You toss it in the mud

How many have you hurt before me?

Countless times I have defended you

Against comments, fists and harm

I'm sick of it now, the comments are true,

You are blind, you are selfish

You are the one who pushed me to the extreme

To the hollow depression I languished within.

Three years have passed, and I have persevered

There's now no time for diplomacy, action must be done

Take one last look at the greatest friend you ever had

Who stood by you in the ugliest situations

With your darkest secrets,

With your hidden desires,

The one who asked for nothing more than respect

And received isolation instead.

Goodbye 'dear' friend,

I'm tired and old

With no patience for your callous heart.

There are friends who care and love me

More than you could ever dream

Or pretend to, superficially

As you did with me.