-Why Do You Hide from Me-

I can almost see you,
Feel your breath on my neck,
Hear your soft voice,
Breathe your scent.
Yet you elude me,
I cannot see your face.
You lead me away,
Take me by the hand,
Your hair swirls about you.
What color is it?
Black? Brown?
I cannot see.
I stumble,
My hand leaves yours,
Yet still you run,
You do not stop,
I reach out to grasp you,
Your hand, it moves away.
Faster and faster,
The world, a blur.
Yet still we run.
Again I stumble,
Yet still you run,
Why do you run?
Tears blur my eyes,
Yet still I see you clearly,
Just beyond my reach,
Taunting me.
Running, running, ever running,
Why can't I catch you?
I cry out,
Yet your name, it eludes me.
Your name,
What is your name?
Do you even exist?