Title: Sunlight in October
Author: Heather P.

Crisp air filtering light,
Fluttering leaves still green,
But edged with gold,
the hall floor is a whirlwind of color,
The stain glass hangings tapping against the door,
Landry flaps happily in the wind and I smile,
It's so simple now, this moment,
So filled with sunlight and my cats sitting out on the porch,
Looking up to the sky where the birds sing and nest,
Fallen leaves of previous years litter the backyard,
Where nature has taken it's course.

I come alive in the fall,
I finally smile all the time,
As sunlight shimmers and shakes the trees,
With wind that smells fresh and clean,
Lazy and relaxed,
After a summer of heat and frustration,
This is perfect.